Trademark Services


We enjoy working with clients at the early stages of a new business venture to facilitate the trademark acquisition process en route to building a brand that is distinctive and legally protectable.

Trademark Assessment

If you have already selected your business’s brand, and now you’re interested in learning whether the brand you’ve selected is likely to achieve federal trademark registration, we’re here to help! At APEX, your dedicated trademark attorney will evaluate and research your proposed trademark and provide a legal opinion as to whether you will run into any problems during the registration process (or down the road to avoid trademark infringement).

Trademark Registration

Ready to file for trademark protection with the United States Patent and Trademark Office? At APEX, we are well versed with U.S. trademark law. Your dedicated U.S. trademark attorney will work hands on with preparing and filing your trademark application, and at a very reasonable fee.

If you are interested in acquiring a U.S. Federal Trademark, click here to schedule a free consultation with a Trademark Attorney.

Office Actions

If you’ve received an Office Action from the USPTO and unsure what to do, we can help. Our trademark attorneys have experience deciphering Office Actions and combating refusals. Bear in mind that Office Actions have strict response deadlines. Don’t let your trademark application go abandoned.

If you received an Office Action on your trademark application, click here to schedule a free consultation.