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Prior Art Search

A dedicated APEX patent consultant will conduct a comprehensive prior art search into your idea. You will then have the opportunity to review similar patent publications (aka prior art) to see for yourself what else is out there. 

Prior Art Search w/ Patentability Analysis

A Registered Patent Attorney will review the prior art uncovered in the search and provide you with an analysis of the patentability of your idea.


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Provisional Patent Application

A provisional patent specification drafted by one of our gifted patent consultants describing your invention in detail and including a set of 3 black & white patent drawings. Upon your final approval, your provisional patent application will be filed by a Registered Patent Attorney with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Once filed, your invention will become ‘patent-pending’, and you will
have priority over anyone else who may file a similar patent application after your filing


Note: The ‘patent-pending’ status is effective for 1 year from filing. To preserve your ‘patent-pending’ status and pursue a 20-year patent on your invention, a utility patent must be filed before the 1-year expiration date of the provisional patent.

Simple-Mechanical Utility Patent Application

An intelligent and thoughtfully drafted 20-year utility patent application broadly protecting the novelties and functionality of your invention and filed with the USPTO by a Registered Patent Attorney. 

(most inventions)
Complex patents are custom quoted starting at $5999*

(i.e., electrical, medical, biological, mobile applications, business methods)

Design Patent Application

Professionally drafted set of design patent drawings showing every angle of your invention from various perspectives in compliance with the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure and filed with the USPTO by a Registered Patent Attorney.

*USPTO filing fees not included

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