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Our professional team of patent attorneys, engineers, researchers, and illustrators are experienced in helping inventors navigate through the intricate process of patent protection in the United States and other countries. Please review this page for a brief description of our patent legal services.

Patent Research

Determining the novelty of your invention starts with a patent search. We help you understand the patent landscape, identify potential patent rights you can target, guide you on whether it makes sense to continue onward with patent protection, and provide you with competitive pricing for drafting an appropriate patent.

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Patent Application Drafting

Safeguarding your invention requires drafting an appropriate and strategic patent application that broadly protects the novelties of your invention. Our patent drafting services include 1-year provisional patent applications, 20-year utility patent applications, and 15-year design patent applications.


Patentability research involves determining the novelty of your invention by conducting a patent search. It helps inventors understand if their idea or invention is already patented or exists in any form, ensuring time and effort are not wasted on redundant inventions.

A patent search helps identify prior art, which are existing patents or publications similar to your invention. By identifying prior art, you can pinpoint the unique aspects of your invention, making it easier to prove its patentability.

There are mainly three types: Utility (Non-Provisional) Patents, Design Patents, and Provisional Patents. The choice depends on the nature of your invention and the kind of protection you seek.

The PCT is an international treaty adopted by over 130 countries. It allows inventors to file a single international application, providing a streamlined process for seeking patent protection in multiple countries.

No. While the PCT allows for an international application, you must still apply for patent protection in each individual country you wish to seek protection in. Each country will review and examine your application separately.

To maintain the priority date of your U.S. application when applying internationally via the PCT, you must file the PCT application within 12 months of your U.S. Provisional Patent Application or U.S. utility application filing date.

Patent prosecution refers to the process of communicating with the patent office, responding to their queries, and making necessary adjustments to your application to ensure your invention is granted a patent.

The service includes a comprehensive search by a patent consultant for similar patent publications. It provides you with six of the closest U.S. patent publications related to your invention, a professional synopsis, current U.S. patent process information, and a custom quote for patent drafting.

In addition to everything in the “Prior Art Search,” this enhanced service provides a patentability analysis from a Registered Patent Attorney and recommendations based on the discovered prior art.

The prices listed cover the services mentioned. However, every invention is unique, and additional costs may arise depending on complexities or additional services required. We recommend consulting with our team for a precise quote.

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