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    It is recommended to begin with a patent search when exploring the idea of patenting a new invention or product.  Having a patent search performed is a heads-up strategy in helping you decide how to best proceed with protecting your inventive concept.

    Put our years of experience with the U.S. Patent Office to work for you.

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    • Request a Non Disclosure Agreement
    • We value your need for confidentiality and want you to feel comfortable disclosing your idea to us so we can research it further. We do not want you to share your idea with us before having our written promise to protect your information.

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    • Complete Invention Questionnaire
    • This will be sent to you once you have our NDA in hand.

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    • Order a Patent Search with Novelty Assessment
    • For a total fee of $495, our professional U.S. based patent team will review your Invention Questionnaire and perform a Patent Search with Novelty Assessment to help you determine the best course of action with your idea.