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Patent Application Drafting

Our team of experienced patent attorneys, engineers, illustrators, and technical specialists are dedicated to meticulously preparing patent applications that accurately represent and strategically captures your invention and all its novelties.

Our strategy-driven drafting process involves a comprehensive understanding of the invention’s technical aspects and core novelties. We then identify the potential breadth of your patent rights and prepare a broadly drafted patent application for your review. 

Upon your final approval, your patent application will be filed with the USPTO by a registered patent attorney. 

Patent Application Options

Provisional Patent Utility Patent Design Patent

Patent Term

1 year of ‘patent pending’ status
20 years
15 years
Drafting Time
1-2 weeks
6-8 weeks
4-6 weeks

Service Fee

Starting at $4995
Starting at $2595
Filing Fee

Terms of Service

Payment plus filing fee due in full on agreement.
Retainer of $2995 due in full on agreement.
Balance plus filing fee due prior to filing.
Retainer of $1995 due in full on agreement.
Balance plus filing fee due prior to filing.

Frequently Asked Questions

To draft a patent application, we need a detailed description of your invention, its purpose, how it works, and its novel features. Any drawings, prototypes, or supporting documentation that provide further details about your invention would also be helpful.

The timeline can vary depending on the complexity of the invention and the level of detail provided by the inventor. Generally, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months.

Yes, a provisional application is a placeholder that gives you a filing date but does not mature into an issued patent unless followed by a non-provisional application within 12 months. A non-provisional application initiates the official patent review process.

After your patent application is filed, it will be reviewed by a patent examiner at the USPTO. The examiner may issue office actions requesting clarifications or changes, to which you must respond. This process, known as patent prosecution, can take several years.

You can get started by scheduling a free consultation with one of our experienced patent attorneys. We’ll discuss your invention, your patent needs, and how we can assist you.

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