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Intellectual Property Valuation

If you are the proud owner of intellectual property rights (including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets), you may be interested in selling or licensing your rights to a third-party. Or you may be seeking capital from an investor who would like to know the estimated value of your IP assets before investing in your business endeavor.

Why Choose APEX ?

Perhaps the most important consideration in the accepted appraised value of your intellectual property is the reputation and expertise of the firm providing the valuation. APEX Intellectual Property Group is a professional IP firm that actively reviews more than 100,000 patents every year. Our IP valuation team comprises a patent attorney, a trademark attorney, a Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA), mechanical and electrical engineers, and graphic designers skilled at persuasive visual depiction of your forecast models. The combination of credentials, diligence in research, persuasiveness of legal opinions, and cleanliness of our charts and graphics will serve to convince your ideal target of the value of your intellectual property.

Our Peak Valuation Report will professionally and beautifully present the background research and legal opinions that provide the backbone to aggressively appraise the value of your intellectual property. As part of our service, we are available to answer questions of third parties you send your report to assist with any follow-up questions toward successfully closing your deal.

APEX Peak Valuation Report includes

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Professional Description of Your Intellectual Property Portfolio

Market Demographics

Profit Forecast Models

Conservative v. Aggressive




IP Specific Values




Trade Secrets

Valuation of Existing Client Basis

Time Schedule

Valuating intellectual property requires ample time for discovery, research, preparation, and review before the final report is delivered. For most reports, we estimate the following time schedule:

Discovery: 2-3 weeks
Research: 3-4 weeks
Preparation: 4-6 weeks
Review: 1-2 weeks


Our fee starts at $5,500 for an APEX Peak Valuation Report. We require a 50% retainer to begin work, with 25% due upon delivery of a first-draft (usually within 8-12 weeks from commencement of work) and the remaining 25% due prior to final delivery.


As we realize the needs in a valuation report can vary significantly, we offer a free consultation to begin so we can assess your needs and provide you with a firm quote for your review. Quotes are valid for 7 days.