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Is Your Idea,
A Hole In One?

Every golfer dreams of the hole-in-one. Lining up the hole, picking the perfect club, executing a flawless swing, and delighting in the crisp ping of the iron. Watching as the golf ball soars to its target, followed by the awe of spotting the ball landing somewhere near the hole, and then, disappearing from view. 

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The Universal Triumph: From the Golf Course to the Boardroom

The beautiful thing about the hole-in-one is that anyone on any day can achieve it. No matter the experience or skill level, anyone can pick up a 9-iron and hit the ball perfectly so it goes in the hole in one swing. Such is true about the perfect new idea with the potential to make significant residual income. 


The economics of inventions.

The 4 principles of inventionomics are:


Is there a reasonable business model in mind to convert the idea into an income-generating business endeavor? (i.e., cleverness of idea, resources & capital, perseverance)


With the end product in mind and using common sense, would a reasonable consumer pay at least 4-5x the product's manufacturing costs? (i.e., would a product that costs $5 to manufacture sell for at least $20-$25?)



Are you able to protect your idea in the U.S. and possibly other countries? If so, a patent can be secured that captures valuable patent rights which allows for exclusive ownership over the right to make and sell that product for up to 20 years.


Does the product have at least 3 unique selling propositions that make it more desirable than other products on the market?

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Maria S.
“I had an idea but didn't know where to go. ApexiGroup's free submission process was simple and their team was incredibly supportive throughout. A must-try for any innovator!”
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“I was skeptical at first, but submitting my idea to ApexiGroup was the best decision I ever made. Their professional approach and transparent process made everything easy”
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