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We offer comprehensive intellectual property legal services to thoughtfully guide inventors and entrepreneurs through the patent and trademark process. Our experienced attorneys are skilled at negotiating valuable license and assignment agreements to help our clients maximize the potential of their intellectual property.


If you have a good idea, we can help evaluate, explore, and protect it with a patent. If you have an emerging business brand, we can conduct a clearance search and file a strategic trademark application to capture it.



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Founded in 2017, the mission of APEX Intellectual Property Group is to lead innovators to the peak of their intellectual property potential. From inventors with new ideas to businesses with budding brands, APEX is structured to seamlessly navigate clients through the U.S. Patent, Trademark, and Copyright systems toward acquiring valuable intellectual property assets.

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Idea Exploration

Got an idea? If you are a first-time inventor, we will help you explore whether your idea is potentially patentable. Our complimentary service includes a custom-prepared Patentability Exploration Report, with additional information and guidance about the different types of intellectual property.


Patent Research

A crucial first step that involves examining existing patents to ensure your invention is novel and unique.


Patent Drafting

We help you select the most appropriate patent application for your invention and provide you with custom competitive pricing based on your invention. We then will draft a robust patent application complete with high-quality black and white patent drawings that strategically captures all novelties of your invention.

What our Clients say about Us!

Unparalleled Patent Expertise" Review: "APEX Intellectual Property Group not only guided me through the intricacies of the patent process, but they also ensured my invention was thoroughly protected. The attention to detail, profound knowledge, and exceptional client service truly set them apart. I am grateful for their diligent work and would highly recommend their services to any innovator out there

Jhone M. Client

APEX Intellectual Property Group took our raw idea and expertly navigated us through the patent process. Their team's insights and advice have been invaluable. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their meticulous work and professional approach. An absolute pleasure to work with.

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Sarah L. Client

APEX IP Group's services exceeded my expectations. Their timely communication, in-depth knowledge, and high professionalism made my patent application journey a smooth one. They are reliable, efficient, and undoubtedly masters of their craft.

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David R. Client

The APEX team has been instrumental in securing patents for my company. They simplified the complex procedures, always keeping us informed and ensuring we understood each step. They are more than just a service provider; they are strategic partners who genuinely care about our success.

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Lisa S. Client

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